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Know your rights

In any emergency, access to accurate and clear information is critical to those affected.  It makes an enormous difference when someone knows what is happening, what their rights are and how they can access and protect those rights. 

When the President announced the lockdown, the legal repercussions of the law set to regulate it, urgently needed to be understood by the public at larger but also specific stakeholders who would be impacted.

As part of its role as a public legal advocate, LHR quickly translated the law into simple and digestible fact sheets.


They include:

Protecting Vulnerable Children During Lockdown

Workers in Essential Services.

The rights of Refugees, Asylum-seekers, and Migrants

The powers and obligations of law enforcement during lockdown

Non-essential workers

The fact sheets have helped provide factual guidance for millions of people and helped to mitigate against fear and confusion, especially those most affected.

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