SJI seeks to support areas where it can maximise the impact of available resources towards creating a more equitable society.

It strengthens the work of civil society initiatives under the following themes:


Some individuals are unable to access resources required for them to be treated fairly, we support initiatives that ensure they are.

  • Until 1994 not only were the State’s laws unjust, they were also generally applied unfairly. For the poor in South Africa, justice is in practice still a privilege rather than a right. We support initiatives that use both legal and social mechanisms to enable access to justice at national and community levels.


  • Community advice offices, which are mostly located in under-resourced communities and provide legal advice and assistance as well as rights education.
  • Addressing gender discrimination and gender based violence.


Free media is a cornerstone of our democracy. Independent media plays a crucial role in enabling access to information and making it possible for citizens to hold leaders accountable.

  • Democratic societies rely on informed and engaged citizens. The role of media is critical for bringing information to citizens and exposing the hidden ills of society. This area of focus addresses both investigative journalism and media advocacy work that seeks to ensure that South Africa enjoys the benefits of a free media and freedom of expression.


  • Investigative Journalism.
  • Promoting people’s access to information.


It is essential that public and private institutions serve their constitutional mandates. We work with initiatives that promote integrity and accountability in both business and state.

  • Corruption in the public and private spheres is endemic in South Africa. The systems of accountability are weak resulting in limited consequences for corrupt behaviour, and making it possible for some of those in power to exploit their positions for self-enrichment. We support initiatives that expose corruption and enable the public to hold business and state leaders to account.


  • Whistle-blower protection and support
  • Platforms that enable the public to report

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