Africa!Ignite is one of KwaZulu-Natal’s leading rural development agencies. It has established three advice desks in the deeply rural areas of Ugu, Umzinyathi and Umkhanyakude, provinding critical legal, development and welfare advice and assistance to those who are typically marginalised and impoverished.

That they are necessary is borne out by the fact that, in any six-month period, 6,638 people visit them, 1,481 cases are logged and 894 are resolved.  Typically, these cases help resolve labour issues, domestic violence, legal matters, evictions, farm labour issues, consumer rights, human trafficking and land issues.

Africa!Ignite uses its extensive rural footprint to partner with communities, especially women and youths, so that they can participate fairly in the economy and society and make their voices heard. These women and children, rural South Africa’s most vulnerable people, consult the action desks to resolve the many challenges they face and to become more actively engaged in democratic processes.


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